Urticarial Rash

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Urticarial rashes, also known as hives, have several causes, but the most common is an allergic reaction. They may be mild or more serious and could develop into urticarial vasculitis.
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Urticarial Rashes

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NELMA says:    

I try to get the answer for the reaction in my body.How can I get the cure?

Max Mapemba says:    

I have a one dose traditional medicine for the disease and all the people that has been treated have been healed. how do i get it internationally tested and patented it

Diane says:    

I have this rash now for 11 months., it hurts so bad, I been waiting 4months for my appointment ,, I woke up today .i can't open my eye!!!

Diane says:    

How can I post my pictures? I get them every day . Nobody understands just how sick I get, fevers And I get lethargic ,,, can someone talk to me about this ,, I feel so alone,

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Comments on urticarialrash.com

Bob says:    


I have this exact rash. Comes at night. Hot.. Itchy.. Difficult to sleep. Wake up swollen and dehydrated. Thinking it could be lupus.

ellie says:    


realy bad my daughter is in hospital because of it

Selena says:    


What can cure this kind of rash,if any.

Trupti javeri says:    


I suffering urticaria from last 10 yrs.when i woke up i cant pen my eyes.sometimes swelling on d face.so what i do for that.

mohit yadav says:    


Sir Im also suffered from that disease ...plzz help me..how I cure myself to that problm

Angela says:    


please help i think i have this condition am curently taking fexofenadine hydrochloride 180mg but its getting worse

fehmida. mulla says:    


suferring for nearly 5yrs. all the time itchng.skin have bcum black n ugly at back hands n chest.takng allergy tabs n creams but doesnt work. pls advice.

Niranjan says:    


which is the home remedy for this. can it be cure by any doctor. how much time it remains



I am having allrady 5-6 years suffering for chronic urticaria problem and i am consulting many homeiopathy doctors alopathy,and ayurvadic doctors but

Max Mapemba says:    


I have a one dose traditional medicine for the disease and all the people that has been treated have been healed. how do i get it internationally tested and patented it

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